Residential Services

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair
Having a problem? Sometimes it may be difficult for you to determine whether the problem is caused by the hardware or the software. We are experts at determining the cause of problems and the proper ways to correct them.

Software Installation and Support
If you need help installing or configuring your new software, we can assist you with just about any software product you want to use.

Hardware Setup, Support and Upgrades
Thinking of a new computer? Maybe an upgrade to your current system is all that you need. We can help you add new memory or a larger hard drive, a CD or DVD writer, a new printer or any other device that that will allow you to get the most out of your computer. If your old computer can’t be upgraded, we can build a new one for you at a very competitive price.

Internet and Email Setup and Assistance
Need help with email or Internet, or thinking about upgrading to a high-speed broadband connection? We are the Internet experts who can help you solve any problem and show you how to get the most from value from the Internet at the least cost or complexity.

Virus Protection and Internet Security
If you are lucky, you have only heard about viruses and hacking attacks. Don’t wait for them to strike you! We can help you choose the proper protection, install the systems and make sure that you have the security that you need.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance
The best way to solve a problem is to keep it from happening. A regularly scheduled program of cleaning and maintaining your computer can help see to it that you keep running without interruption. Check out our residential maintenance plan.

How would you like to share a single Internet connection with all of the computers in your home? And, at the same time have an easy way to transfer and share files between those systems. We can setup a home wireless network for you that will do all of that.

and More

Give us a call for any other problem or solution you may need!

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