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Google store locator – Part 2

I wanted to try something different with the original Google store locator. I decided I wanted to just show a listing of the stores without a map. This is what you see on most sites that have store locators. I also wanted to add the Smarty template system to it. Here are the results. Now only the Google geocoding service is used to get the coordinates of the zip code entered, and is utilzed once during the setup of the locations to retrieve the coordinates. Now we could also add an internal database of zip code coordinates for the entire United States and it would be a completely self contained application, unless, of course, we also wanted to provide a link to a Google map.

Download this demo project.

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Google store locator

This is a demo of a store locator I put together pretty quick using the Google maps api and the examples. It utilizes Ajax, PHP and a MySql database. As a demo it works well, although it’s not completely polished, lacking error handling.

*Google has since updated the Google Maps JavaScript API to v3 since the time this post was written. This demo was written with v2.

Download this demo project.

Also see Google store locator Part 2.

On a related note, the Geocoder displays the latitude and longitude of any address.

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