Telemarketers giving free Gift Cards

This post is off topic, but I recently recieved a call from a what I thought was Telemarketer. The caller id on my telephone read “Research Center 231-224-2031″.

They asked me if I would answer a few questions about “Household Services”. In return for my time, they promised that I would receive a ten dollar gift card from Target.

“Yeah, right, another scam”, I thought.

But the offer was enticing and I went ahead and answered about ten minutes worth of yes/no questions. At the end of the question and answer session, they took my name and address and promised to send me the gift card. I didn’t really believe them, but I took my chances and gave them the information.

About two weeks later my gift card arrived in the mail! I went to Target and splurged on some clearance items, parlaying my ten dollar bonanza into a sizable value based on original retail. All is well.

Moral of the story – be very careful, but sometimes telemarketers can be trusted!

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