Website Services

We can provide serveral different methods and packages for your website needs. We can “hand code” a “static” website in traditional html, and/or add active server-side processing to it. We also provide content management systems (CMS) that allow you to maintain a dynamic website, so that the site can change whenever you want.

We can provide secured E-Commerce processing on your site, allowing you to sell goods and services on the web.

We also provide video conversion services that enable you to present your videos on the web.

Site Design:
Custom artwork, logos, and designs. Our own page designs are unique and created in-house by us. We’ll discuss with you what you’d like your site to look like and offer you several choices for your design. We can provide templated sites and design custom templates, so that you can instantly change the look of the entire site from time to time by simply changing the template.

Site Programming:
We can offer you anything from a simple static site, to a dynamic site driven by server-side programming code and databases. This enables things like shopping carts, login systems, calendars, or almost anything else you can think of.

We can connect your E-commerce site to secure payment gateways. We can setup and program in-company Intranets. We also offer CMS systems which include many advanced features.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
For most sites it not enough to just have a website. We specialize in marketing your site by making your pages as accessible as possible by the search engines, embedding phrases in your pages, so that they are more easily used and found. We can also assist you with setting up a marketing campaign for your products or services.

For each website we will:

  • Design, develop, setup, and provide hosting.
  • Setup your emails and walk you through setup of your preferred mail client if needed. (we also offer Web Based email for your domain)
  • Submit your website to the top search engines, and monitor results
  • Maintain your website on a monthly basis
  • Monitor server up time
  • Pay the yearly domain name registration fees
  • and much more.

Contact us about any other scenarios for your website service needs.

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